Kathrin Röggla

Kathrin Röggla, b. 1971, is an Austrian author and playwright. In the past few years, Kathrin Röggla has established herself as one of the most innovative and relevant voices in German-language literature, as evidenced not only by numerous prizes, but also by a considerable intensity of literary reception. Her diverse writing, which transcends conventional genre boundaries, covers a strikingly broad spectrum: prose text and theatre, essay writing, radio plays and, most recently, multimedia installations.
In 2020, Kathrin Röggla was awarded both the WORTMELDUNGEN literature prize and the Austrian Art Prize for Literature. Right from the start, Röggla has devoted herself to the analysis and criticism of contemporary society, the neoliberal state and its social and linguistic distortions. She has lived in Berlin since 1992. She is the Vice-President of the Academy of Arts in Berlin and member of the German Academy for Language and Poetry. Her influences include Michel Foucault, contemporary sociology and Sprachkritik of Karl Kraus and the Vienna Group. Her works have a documentary quality; they often derive from interviews she has conducted with different groups, for example survivors of the 9/11 attacks in New York. She is perhaps best known for her short novel wir schlafen nicht; we never sleep (2004). Current publications include “Der Elefant im Raum” (Akademie der Künste 2019), “Nachtsendung: Unheimliche Geschichten” (S. Fischer 2016), “die alarmbereiten” (S. Fischer 2010).

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