Jurga Vilė and Lina Itagaki: Graphic novel Siberian Haiku

  • lördag / 29 september / 2018
  • 14:00-15:00
  • Monternummer C02:20


Young author Jurga Vilė and artist Lina Itagaki will talk about their experience on their first book ? graphic novel Siberian Haiku. How to express sensitive issues, tragic experiences, traumas via words and pictures. The tragic Lithuanian history of massive deportation in 1941 is presented in the book through the eyes of a child. It is a beautiful authentic graphic novel tells us a story of a Lithuanian boy called Algiukas, who in 1941 together with his family is deported to Siberia. His aunt Petronele takes to the journey a book of Japanese haiku poems. In exile she inspires the deportees not to succumb to the despair and to see the beautiful side of life. The Siberian Haiku was awarded this year with the main price of the National Book Art contest for being innovative presentation of a topical theme, apt use of print and its coherence with persuasive illustrations.

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