Easterine Kire

Easterine Kire, born in Nagaland, North-east India, has a PhD in English literature from Pune University, India. Kire’s debut began in 1982 with a volume of poetry in English Kelhoukevira,1982 (J B Lama). In 2003, she published the first novel by a Naga writer in English, A Naga village Remembered (Ura Academy). It is now a Speaking Tiger imprint with the new title, Sky is my Father, 2018.
Kire was awarded the Governor’s medal for excellence in Naga literature (2011), and in 2013 Catalan PEN, Barcelona honoured her with the Free Voice award.
Kire is based in Tromsø, Norway where she first came in 2005 as the city’s first guest writer. She has a deep interest in historical writing and continues to record and document unwritten oral history in order to rescue and preserve it for future generations.

Foto: Privat